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Something about Monster in Zentia

These specifications can be found in a lot of monsters in Zentia: level 49 ujigi and level 54 penons (the agrro version).

This build can farm white monsters or orange if you have good weapon(Zentia Gold) and you don't need that and will not give you faster exp or sp as you kill green monsters. You can farm same level mobs too easy with no problem. But you need to have your skills first so you dont need to farming at 19 or 23. But for you farming at soilders and warriors, ongs, and sunsung is the best thre places to farm. there have very good spawn rate, have good drops rate, good alchemy drops, your mastery lvl will be suitable to start farming. So you can choose where to farm from these 3 places or farm some time in each.

Farming level 27-28 soilders need you to be level 29 to have level(Zentia Gold) 20 mastery, you will have almost all your skills and snow shield, ghost spear and lion shout + cold wave. You can lure monsters from far distance and AOE kill them easily and frost them or snow shiled if you get a hrd situation, these monsters is so slow in moving and attacking. You can easily tank 3 gaints and 4 more monsters with semi sos set with no bonus str and you health don't even go to half.

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