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Guide for Mage in Zentia

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As a mage in Zentia, do you want to know some information about this character ? If so ,you can look at this article , I collect this article from other site , Hope you like it , begin :

As you know , this character is one with the magical energies of Isya , channeling arcane power and commanding it to do his bidding . The Mage may be frail and weak in body, but that is a worthy sacrifice for the strength of the mind . On one group ,The Mage is the heavy hitter , casting powerful damaging ranged spells at single and multiple targets . Enemies flee from the sounds of their fearsome incantations . The Mage is the only class that begins with a starting spell , Magic Missile .

The Mage can equip a staff or a wand . They can only wear armor specific to their class and level (Zentia Gold) . Main attributes are Intelligence and spirit. This will increase your change for critical hits and add more spirit points . If you would like more hit points , It is possible to put more points in Endurance . This will allow you to survive a little longer.

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