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Zentia Tour: Have Fire Monkey, Will Travel Part 1

Zentia is a quick, easy and visually pleasing distraction. Why cute for the description? Well from the opening cinematic to the character selection to the tutorial region, it simply is the best descri..


Experience is mainly gained through questing

Zentia is ChangYous third free MMORPG release in North America. Like Dragon Oath and Blade Wars, Zentia has a fantasy theme, but beyond that it is very different from its predecessors. The game has an..


Something about Monster in Zentia

Zentia: level 49 ujigi and level 54 penons (the agrro version).Zentia Gold) and you dont need that and will not give you faster exp or sp as you kill green monsters. You can farm same level mobs too e..


Guide for Mage in Zentia

Zentia, do you want to know some information about this character ? If so ,you can look at this article , I collect this article from other site , Hope you like it , begin :Zentia Gold) . Main attribu..