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ys online test travel notes

YS Online Gold which like to play the game will recall the childhood played a YS-know RPG series of games in Japan. The ys gold is a South Korean CJ internet and Japan POPCOM jointly development online games. Then the two well-know gaming companies to jointly develop the ys gold what kind of game? Next, we went together into the world of bar ys online.

Create role
The game can create an account the role of five games. When the game players to create the role of free choice of occupation, gender, hairstyle, hair color, facial, players can create their own personalized according to their own favorite game character. Play the role of men can also create stand-alone game ys gold red-haired hero.

Just entered the game no money, no equipment, so I intend to hunt. The village had seen a low-level monsters, I started hunting. Hunting method is very simple, with other online game made little difference.

Find hero
RPG series game with red hair, male protagonist, but the ys gold the story against the background of male death of character 100 years later, so I do not find men in the game hero. The YS Online Gold this is just the beginning not to understand how the future will be the development of what we are not sure. YS Online Gold names may be the same as the content does not follow the same path, may be the RPG series of games to go to the road network. The completion of the game only really knows the results. Perhaps because this is the first time test, the game is not difficult to find bug. I entered the game not along time, but found a lot of problems. The completion of the game enough, there are still many details need to work hard. In the above chart is not difficult to discover, France battle through the body and head.

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