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World of Kung Fu is a unique fast paced action packed MMORGP

World of Kung Fu is a unique fast paced action packed mmorgp. Set in a fictional super cool environment based on ancient Asian culture.

Players can choose from the nine traditional kung-fu weapons to weild, and are immediately given some training quests to learn the basics. As you gain levels you can craft some awesome gears, create your own

skills, and even find some of the super rare divine gears. A massive community of great people makes this game not only fun, but a unique interactive experience like none other.

World of Kung Fu gold game is very awesome! I'm a lover of martial arts, and thats what this game is about! Its jobs are different weapons in ancient china, like broadsword and spear for example.

This appeals to me very much, as its quite unique.There is double experience every weekend, so players can gain levels fast, and can even get to be king of a nation, out of 4 nations! How cool is that!

The graphics are great in World of Kung Fu gold game, the school and Pk systems are as good if not better than other games.

They have a daily quest which is very easy and u get a lot of exp and good items, a lvl 2 can do 2 a day and almost get 1 full lvl of exp.

The cash mall is very reasonable and if you make your own in game clothes all the stats stack. If you haven't tried it this would be a goo time.

Having played MMORPGs for a long time, I did not have high expectations when I started playing WoKF. This game, however, has surprised me again and again, with its evolving dynamics and interesting GM-organized events.

While the GM and game creators aren't exactly good in english, the effort spent World of Kung Fu gold to localize this game has been nothing short of amazing.

Vestgame is obviously really intent on targeting the american and international mmorpg players. This can only be a good thing, as this means there are frequent updates which will keep you on your toes.

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