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Requiem Completely Leveling Guide

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You start up into the "Temperion Training Camp" as you enter the game with your new character."Temperion"requiem lant is the name of the first job everyone starts on. Therefore, when you reach Lv. 9 at 100% and complete all the appropriated quests, you will be able to choose your 1st job (depending of your race), but we will take a look at that later.You will have a small walkthrough of the movement keys and such at first. It's pretty basic information most of you must be familiar with. When I start a new game, I always check the "Options" to see what I can configure to my preference. I suggest you do the same, an example, would be that you don't like "clicking movement", most of the time I do that by mistake and move somewhere I don't want to, so I usually disable that.

Then in the first room down the patch take a left. This place is like a small instance for new players, so you won't see any players with different jobs or abilities. Since the mobs respawn fast here and there are only a few players, we are going to spend a few levels in here. In the next room, you will find Dummy Goblins,requiem lantand Toadtaurus. Practice your fighting skills by kill those for a while.Please move north to the next room and take a quick left and then right in the next room after you get to Lv.3. By now you should be able to see a npc called "Temperion Skill Master". To specify here, the Temperion's skill points cannot be transfered to the 1st job and all Temperion skills are lost when you change job, so better use them now to help you level up requiem lant faster. At the Tempiron Skill Trainer, please train for "Good Luck", "Vigorous Slash", "Intensification" and "Double Slash". Once that's done, please press "K" and move your newly acquired skills into your quick slots.Once that's done, we go back to the previous room and keep grinding on Lv.2 Toadtaurus and Khayentou TR until we reach Lv.7 in the training ground, I'm a strong believer in quantity over quality in these sort of games. More killing means more loot, less down time resting and more fun. So I suggest you to stay in here until Lv. 7 and then move on outside, and you will have quite a few quests to do that will boost you up to Lv. 10 for your first job. So stay in here and keep killing Lv.2-3 monsters until reaching Lv.7 and then move on to the next step. (If you are in a crowded room, don't be afraid to move to another one and see if there are less people in those.)


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