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Martial Empires Unleashes The Catastrophe of Babylon

The Catastrophe of Babylon will be hitting Martial Empires soon. During this epic world event, players will need to work together in order to unlock the new dungeon and destroy the "Destructive Grudge" inside to avert disaster.

World event release: The Catastrophe of Babylon
New quests, a new instance, unique rewards, an unspeakable evil waiting for you...
Pieces of the shattered Babylon, which were drifting in outer space, formed a gigantic meteor and fell through the skies of Neha.
The souls of those who had perished in Babylon were awakened as the Destructive Grudge, (Martial Empires Gold)an evil entity that menaced the territory around Mikan.

More information about the world event will be shared in the forum!
Save the world of Neha from… the Catastrophe of Babylon!

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