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Martial Empires: Balancing Has Been Improved

At the end of 2010, gamigo, the publisher of the MMORPG Martial Empires, asked its players what they thought the game's strengths and weaknesses were. That survey showed that the main points of criticism were the speed of leveling and the balance between the difficulty of a quest and its reward. This invaluable feedback has now been implemented in the latest update.
The first result is that enemy HP has been adjusted and the speed of leveling increased by 10-30% in some level steps. Players will now also receive considerably better rewards in the form of Martial Empires Gold and items. This will fix the issue that lower-level players were unable to pay the high prices for healing and mana potions. Finally, skills now require between 10% and 50% less mana, regardless of level.

More adjustments will apparently follow in the coming weeks. We ran a review not so long ago of ME. See what we thought of the game back then.


Information about the game can be found on the official website.

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