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Forsakia: Short sneak-peek trailer unveiled for upcoming browser game

Forsakia, publishers have revealed a short teaser trailer, giving curious players a taste of whats to come. A date for the Beta launch has not been set, but publishers have given plenty of hints that ..


Forsakia: Fantasy browser game has launched into the Beta

Forsakia The Lost Clans as it soars in the Open Beta phase of testing. The browser game runs without any downloads, and can be accessed simply with an alaplaya account.Forsakia Tael)using a host of p..


Forsakia is the game that to be added

Forsakia The Lost Clans is the new game to be added to alaplayas growing portfolio of games. The game will be published in Europe, inluding Turkey and Russia, as well as the United States, Canada and..


The Lost Clans: Discover the Miracles in Forsakia

Forsakia: The Lost Clans is a game that set in the mystical world of Jianghu, a Chinese 2D browser-based flash game which was once ruled by powerful clans. However during a vicious strike a mysterious..