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Sales promotion for FR Ragnarok Online

We are having a promotion on FR Ragnarok Online recently:
① The cheapest price in market, and free Old Card Album is given, comparing with last week, the price dropped a lot, specially, oca is given from the order over 90m, 90m with 1 oca, 100m with 2 oca, 150m with 3 oca, 200m with 5 oca...
② Hot sale: Miniboss Card and MVP card.
③ Zeny delivery will be completed within 5 minutes.
④ Huge stock, don't miss this promotion to take some stock for your account.
⑤ Promotion ends soon, come on, what are you still waiting for? Let’s enjoy the minimum price wave together!!!
⑥ You will enjoy the same fast and kind service as before, just come and fall upon your inventory again!!!

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