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Blade and Soul News
Blade & Soul PC Project is Canceled

Blade and Soul on PC and that their focus will instead shift to the Smartphone version of Blade and Soul which has never been seen before until now. A trailer of Blade and Soul gameplay on the Smartph..


Blade and Soul Preview Classes, Locations and Combat

Blade and Soul very often but this preview lays out all the details for gamers who have an interest in the high profile MMORPG.Blade Soul Gold preview.


B&S for iPhone Comes True

Blade and Soul?for PC and?will develop it for iOS. And surprisingly it eventually comes true.Blade Soul Gold which is a spin-off game based on iOS. According to NCsofts notice, they are looking for se..


Blade and Soul Feature

The biggest difference between Blade Soul and other games lies in its combats and quests which are the most important elements for a RPG. For players, the objective of a game should be as clear as po..