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Explore Great Field War in ARGO Online

Alaplaya announced that the Shining Desert, a vast and sandy expanse which lies at the heart of ARGO Online, will play host to the steampunk-fantasy MMORPG's first official "Great Field War" .

During the daily Field Wars that take place in ARGO Online, players from both the Floresslah and Noblian factions vie for the control of the scarce and vital mineral Earthdium. Competing to survive, players from each faction coordinate their assault in an attempt to destroy the enemy mine. The victors enjoy access to the bountiful Earthdium deposits at the core of the desert as the spoils of war, while the losers wait in shame for an opportunity to try again.

For this special Great Field War event, players will not only be able to participate in the brutal battle for access to the best Earthdium mining in the game, they'll also be entered for a chance to win a unique item that cannot be found anywhere else in ARGO Online. Winners will be selected randomly from the participating players, (ARGO Gold)so be ready for a serious fight this weekend if you want a shot at the prize!

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