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ARGO Online Closed Beta Starts

burda:ic's post apocalyptical theme MMORPG ARGO online finally launches the Closed Beta test after a small delay. If you want to try the steampunk action game that mixes with RTS elements, you can join our CB key giveaway event. As long as you have a key, you are always granted access to the game. And if you've got a key, you can use it to unlock your CB account, and then download the client on the official site or on MMOsite.

During the CBT, you are able to experience the following contents:

2 large continents (Alpineale and Reperic)
13 countries
max Level 30
PvP Dungeon (Mortalis)
summonable monsters (only for summoner classes)
3 primary professions (Kit Production, Metal Production and Potion Production)
3 secondary professions (Mining, Herbalism and Fishing)
10 classes

ARGO provides 2 distinctive factions for you, the steampunk Noblian that boast modern technology, (ARGO Gold)and the mystical tribe Floresslah that live in symbiosis with nature. Each faction gives you 8 classes(5 classes in CBT) and a variety choice of weapons and vehicles. And with the optional free aiming mode, you can expect a fast paced combat. The game that developed by Korean company MGame has been released in Korea and Japan.


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