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Aika Online Review: Gun-Kata Women? I'm In! 2

I think it's pretty obvious how impressed I am with the game. Awesome PVP system, questing, loli fairies, what more could you ask for? As far as features are concerned, Aika Online definitely deserved being Korea Game Awards 2009's game of the show. You see, these are the type of games that prevent me from commiting myself to playing various PAY TO PLAY games. It's free, it's good, and most of all, it's really damn good!

The character customization phase could use a bit of gender tweaking. It would definitely be awesome to play as a male dual gunner, or better yet, a female rifleman (or riflewoman). Anyway, if you're looking for an MMO for keeps---register, download, and play!

And now on to the nitty gritty!What makes Aika Gold TRULY special is its PVP system. If you're looking for an all out epic war, then Aika Online is the game for you. Aside from the petty duels, the game sports a series of battlegrounds, all ranging from 100 vs 100 to 1000 vs 1000. Imagine that! I enjoy wars that match the clashing population of RF Online's Chip Wars and World of Warcraft's Battle for Wintergrasp, but this is ridiculous (in a good sense)! Aside from the epic battlegrounds, players can also participate in nation wars which, as the name states, is a giant bloodfest between all five nations. There's also my favorite which is the Castle Siege, where guilds team up with other guilds to overthrow the current rulers of the castle. Players can earn bonuses and a lot of useful stuff if ever they are successful, so be sure to participate when able. When it comes to PVP, Aika's player-to-player goodness beats a lot of MMOs by a mile. I can't seem to emphasize that further, but you get the idea.

The graphics are actually pretty flashy if you were to ask me. The characters look pretty crisp which allows players to admire the stunning features of their clothes... as well as other body parts :3. The background is actually pretty good but it could still use a bit of tweaking as most of the terrain lacks texture and depth. Though the idea of aesthetics doesn't really affect the gameplay, it wouldn't hurt to make the eye-candy experience a bit more extravagant. The framerate is more than acceptable resulting in stunning character movements especially when your character is beating the living crap out of a single enemy. The vibrant lighting effects are amazing in my opinion and greatly complements the whole action-packed feel. I don't know if it's just me, but floating texts/numbers during combat for me is an additional factor when it comes to MMO graphics. It's always great to see how hard you hit through a series of floating red numbers. Now if my claim is true, then I would have to commend Aika Gold for having one of the most satisfying crunch numbers in MMO history (I like to exaggerate but it's also pretty darn good).

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